About On The Go Direct Services

Delivery/ Courier Company in Simcoe, ON

Emergency Delivery Simcoe

On the GO Delivery is an Independent family owned and operated delivery service Located in Simcoe, Ontario, covering all of Norfolk county.  Our manager has over 20 yrs experience in driver operations and relations along with dispatching. Our Owner has 10 + yrs in customer service and problem solving. With previous experience in different types of business, including restaurants, our team can work with you to solve most concerns. 

We are always working towards community redevelopment, building community strength, and creating a stable and safe environment for our drivers, staff and clients. All of our clients and staff are local to the communities they work in. Our company is very big on customer service and professionalism. We will always have someone for you to speak with. No Bots or prerecorded messages. OtG will always listen to the concerns and suggestion of our clients and staff. This allows to grow and strengthen community relations along with required services. 

Originally started as On the GO Delivery and courier, throughout COVID, we identified a large need for individuals and businesses to be able to be found and booked easily and quickly. Many seniors, disabled and those self isolating were left with out multiple supports, services and the ability to get necessities. OtG worked in conjunction with several community organizations to try and fill this void, but it was to much. 

This is where the concept for On the GO Direct Services came about. OtG will be transitioning to this new platform over time. Our goal is to get as many of these services together in one place. This allows individuals to find what they need, or at minimal know there is someone they can contact for advise. We hope to provide everything from business services, management, and all services for home owners. 

OtG Delivery is always going to be a major part of this endeavor as people will always need affordable, professional and reliable delivery to them.